Al Barsha 1 at elite business center - Behind Mall of Emirates, Near City Max Hotel - Dubai
massage in Al Barsha Dubai

Thai Herbal Massage Service in Albarsha

Thai Herbal Massage in Al Basha

New treatments can be discovered. The experience can be tried or missed, but Thai herbal massage is a personal requirement as it is a unique relaxation experience and a treat for the senses. At Hidden Secret gents Spa, we offer the best Thai herbal massage in Al Barsha aimed at relieving pain and sore muscles, and the Thai herbal massage in Al Barsha restores body balance.

“Our Gents massage center team with knowledge of the healing properties of plants and herbs and their applications on the body works. Your massager mixes a mixture of herbs wrapped with a cotton cloth and, when heated, is applied to the body by applying pressure or slipping in circular and linear motions.”

Thai herbal massage is the ideal massage for treating muscle pain and arthritis especially during cold weather and for the treatment of upper respiratory diseases. Increasing emotional and physical well-being, and revitalizing internal organs. Simply call to book the best Thai herbal massage service at Hidden Secret Spa in Al Barsha Dubai.

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